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Course offered
PGCE with QTS full time with salary
Financial support

A postgraduate certificate in education (PGCE) with qualified teacher status (QTS) allows you to teach in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. It’s also recognised internationally.

Many PGCE courses include credits that count toward a Master’s degree.

Course length
1 year
Date you can apply from
9 October 2018
Date course starts
September 2019

About the course

Ark's approach to primary teaching is based around 'depth for breadth': the idea that firm foundations in English and Maths allow pupils to access the rest of the curriculum more easily.

We also dedicate more time to literacy and English to encourage a love of reading and to develop fluent communication skills. We have two programmes that focus specifically on phonics teaching and early spoken language skills. As a primary trainee, you would be trained to be aware of possible barriers to learning and how to support children if more help is needed.

In terms of maths, we have pioneered Mathematics Mastery - an approach which draws on international best practice, particularly from Singapore, to emphasise the cumulative mastery of the essential knowledge and skills in maths. The programme has now been rolled out beyond the network, and works with over 100 partner schools, such has been its success.

In addition to learning how to teach English and mathematics to primary students, you will also have the opportunity throughout the year to develop your teaching practice across a wide variety of subjects from history to PE.

Through your time in school and your subject-specific training sessions, you will develop the skills you need to help children succeed across the curriculum.

Interview process

Once you've checked that you're eligible, you can either submit your application directly through the UCAS portal or use our ‘Apply Now’ form, which is available on our website. We will then assess your application and let you know whether or not you meet our programme criteria. Applicants who meet our criteria will be sent two online tests to complete: a situational judgement assessment and a subject knowledge test.

Successful applicants after this stage will proceed to the final school-based assessment. Our team will use the information we have about you to match you to one of our training schools, and this final stage will take place there. It will involve you teaching a short lesson as well as a final interview with senior staff and subject lead. We’ll let you know the outcome shortly after this date, and will ask you to complete your UCAS form if not already so we can finalise our decision through the UCAS portal.

How school placements work

Your training school will be matched to your particular profile as a candidate, while taking into account your commuting distance and funding/subject preferences (and availability on our programme).

The training programme is 100% school-based, but you will come out of school to spend a half day every week in a session with your Ark tutor and other trainees from the network.

You’ll also obtain experience in different schools throughout the year; you’ll have a contrasting school placement lasting 2 weeks, in a school very different to your own, and which you will have significant input into choosing (for example, it might be a PRU, an independent school, etc). You’ll also get to participate in a series of visits to a range of educational settings.


For a full overview of the funding available on Ark Teacher Training, please see our website's funding page.

  • On the salaried route, you will be paid a salary on the unqualified teacher payscale - usually trainees are paid at point 1. The amount varies depending on the Ark region you will be training in (London or outside).
  • Your school will also pay your £9,000 tuition fee
  • If your preference is for the salaried route but you could in fact afford to train on the School Direct (tuition fee) route, we'd recommend you apply for the non-salaried route. Our places get taken up very quickly, but our schools tend to have more School Direct places available than they do on the SD Salaried route so your options remain wider if you can train on the non-salaried route.

Let us know at point of application and we’ll check with you again in the interview if you’re shortlisted.

Financial support

Financial support isn’t available for this course because it comes with a salary.

If you choose a course without a salary, you may be eligible for financial support while you study, including bursaries, scholarships and loans.



Click here for a full overview of our qualification requirements.

  • If you studied overseas, consult NARIC before applying.
  • Certain entry requirements for teacher training are set by the government and all applicants must comply.
  • Others are specific to a training provider, and we have listed ours below.

Ark Teacher Training requirements:

  • a 2:2 degree or higher
  • good A-levels (B+ in 2 or more)
  • either your degree or an A-level in the subject you wish to train in (for subject knowledge purposes / your readiness to start!)

Personal qualities

Our applicants have a huge variety of experience between them, all of which can be used in the classroom.

However, there are some qualities we know all successful trainees have, regardless of their background or experience; we look for these at assessment:

  • Alignment with Ark’s values and ethos
  • Some experience with young people (doesn't have to be in a school)
  • Great communication skills
  • Resilience (teaching is hard!)
  • Curiosity and eagerness to learn
  • Self-awareness and keenness to hear/act on feedback (you'll receive a lot on our programme, every week!)

Other requirements

There's a lot to think about when you make the decision to train as a teacher: it's an intensive year, but on Ark Teacher Training you'll be well-supported and have plenty of time with your fellow trainees for moral support every week.

If you have questions about areas not covered in this search tool so far, our website covers a lot of specific information on our programme. Check out our 'Frequently Asked Questions' if you can't find what you're looking for!

About the training provider

Ark Teacher Training is an Outstanding two-year programme that allows graduates and career changers to become highly-effective, inspiring teachers, learning from some of the best educators in the profession.

We work in low income areas with a history of academic underachievement, striving for the best outcomes for all our pupils, regardless of their background. According to the Department for Education, Ark makes the biggest difference in transforming the lives of disadvantaged students out of all the major school groups.

  • Classroom teaching: from day one, you’ll be in the classroom so you can have an impact straight away. Your tutor and coach will support you to build up your independent teaching time during the year.
  • School orientation experience: before your course starts, spend time in your school meeting your new colleagues and interacting with pupils so you can hit the ground running in September.
  • Summer School: all new trainees come together over two weeks in August for an introduction to the programme, our schools and the principles of great teaching. You’ll also cover the essential elements of behaviour management, ready for day one.
  • Weekly coaching and co-planning: every week you'll be observed by your in-school coach, so they can offer you both positive feedback and bite-sized improvement targets.
  • Your trained coach will help you to create effective lessons, developing your planning skills and giving you the opportunity to ask detailed subject -knowledge questions.
  • Weekly training: leave school behind for in-person training sessions with your tutors/peers.

About the accredited provider

As well as Newly Qualified Teacher status, you will also finish the year having obtained a PGCE, which is an internationally recognised qualification and carries 60 Masters-level credits.

  • Ark Teacher Training is the accrediting provider of your QTS.
  • Goldsmiths University is the accrediting provider of your PGCE.

Training with disabilities and other needs

  • Disabled access

We want to make sure that our training programme is open to everybody, so if you have a disability we will make every reasonable adjustment to accommodate you throughout the recruitment process, as well as during the training programme if you are offered a place.

Please provide us with details if you would like us to make any adjustments for you on the assessment day. This will in no way affect the outcome of your application.

Whenever we build new schools, we ensure they have wheelchair access to classrooms. However, when an existing school joins the network, we have to work with the existing buildings and these can sometimes have limited accessibility.

  • Study Facilities

While your PGCE qualification is accredited by Goldsmiths, University of London, you won’t have to go there to attend lectures or seminars; the majority of your training sessions will take place in one of our schools or at Ark's central office. However, you will still have access to the online journals, library facilities and student support services provided by Goldsmiths.

Contact details

65 Kingsway


Apply on the UCAS website. You’ll need to register with UCAS before you can apply.

Visit Get into Teaching for guidance on applying for teacher training.

When you apply you’ll need these codes for the Choices section of your application form:

  • Training provider code: 1CS
  • Training programme code: 2DHL

Choose a training location

You’ll also need to choose a training location and give the relevant training location code.

Code Name Address
B Ark Teacher Training - Birmingham Birmingham: various
S Ark Teacher Training - Hastings Hastings: various
L Ark Teacher Training - London London: various
P Ark Teacher Training - Portsmouth Portsmouth: various

Advice and support

For questions about this course you should contact the training provider using the contact details above.

For advice about teaching

For advice about teaching or teacher training you can call Get into Teaching on Freephone 0800 389 2500 or chat to an adviser using their online chat service between 8am and 8pm, Monday to Friday.

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If you have feedback or have had a problem using Find postgraduate teacher training you can contact us by email.

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